Discover the powerful benefits of Massage and why this powerful modality is more than just a luxury!

Discover the powerful benefits of Massage and why this powerful modality is more than just a luxury!

April 23, 2024

Ok, so we probably all agree after an hour long session of massage we feel goooood.

Those aches and pains have been soothed away, we feel more “zen” then we have done in (such a long time). We feel more aligned, in a “put back together” sense, and I don’t know about you, but I always feel like I need to go home a have a marathon sleep session.

I can float out the door, not giving a fluff about anything.

Ugh to bottle that feeling up and take it as a daily tincture!

For me, it always seems like money well spent, so why oh why do we always leave it till our bodies are crying out in pain?

Or wait to feel like we are trapped in a pressure cooker of stress? Or worst still, we’ve become poorly and rundown and had a complete melt down before recognising we need to show ourselves some much needed TLC?!

Why do we do it to ourselves hey?!

With more and more people coming into clinic booking regularly every month, it’s clear to see that the original muscular complaints that prompted their first visit, is now out weighed by numerous other well-being benefits they are experiencing.

So if massage is your flavour, here are some of my top benefits of massage, which are all yours for the keeping, and the perfect excuse to come and have a treatment regularly.

Stress Reduction:

Now it may seem obvious that a massage will help lower stress, but do you know why?

When we are under stress, the body creates unhealthy levels of the hormone cortisol. Too much Cortisol can cause many problems including weight gain, digestive problems, headaches etc, and is a contributing factor to more serious illnesses too. Eek!

Research has shown that even after just 1 treatment, massage can reduce cortisol in the body up to 50%!

Stress can manifest itself in lots of emotions too- for example anxiety and depression, not to mention the effect it has on our sleep and concentration.

Reduce muscle pain with improved blood circulation;

Kinda a no brainer- by allowing the body to relax, all those tense muscles can loosen to reduce pain. Simple massage strokes deliver oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissue, which helps to reduce stiffness and swelling in the muscles and joints. Pain killing endorphins are released which boost serotonin and dopamine levels in the body which reduces the pain associated with the muscles too.

Massage also supports and boosts the lymphatic system:

By removing lactic acid from the muscles, it also transports metabolic waste away from the internal organs, which will keep your bodily function in tip-top order.

Say bye-bye to chronic pain and hello to a new and improved immune system!

Improved blood pressure;

Massage works well for both low blood pressure and high, blood pressure problems of either spectrum can pose as a serious problem if not managed correctly, and can cause ( especially high) some serious health concerns. Again supported by the circulatory system and the fact you will feel more relaxed and less stressed from lower cortisol hormones, is a win win in preventative care for a long, happy and healthy life- and also a glorious skin tone!

Other benefits I would like to add, which just comes from regularly taking time out for you is an enhanced self-image, because you are committed to providing a nurturing routine around what makes you feel good and at your best. This in turns stimulates emotional growth and provides feelings of a greater sense of wellbeing.

And isn’t that something we all deserve?

There’s also so many different styles of massage on offer too, so you can literally tailor your treatment to whatever you feel you need, or simply work your way down the list and experience it all- which is exactly what I am guilty of.

Here at This Wild Mama I offer the following types of Massage right here in Budleigh Salterton, East Devon. 


Deep Tissue




Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Indian Head Massage

And Myo- Fascia Release

Please head to our click here if you would like to learn more.

So next time you come in for a massage, don’t forget to book your next visit, and add this valuable therapy into your package of self care.

After all, in the words of lo’real – “your worth it”!

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